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Piercing Brightness
Director: Shezad Dawood
Producer: Ubik Productions
Distributor: Soda Pictures (UK)
Red MX & Super 16mm (DCP)
UK, 75min

Piercing Brightness is a sci-fi film that plays on the border of narrative and experimental film-making, a directing debut by internationally acclaimed artist Shezad Dawood. Two youths land in a spaceship outside Preston. Their mission: to re-establish contact and effect the retrieval of the Glorious 100 sent to earth millennia ago in human form to study and observe the development of another race. After making contact with one of the 100, now a Pakistani shopkeeper (Bhasker Patel) they discover that many of their kind have become corrupted, forgetting their original purpose and slowly becoming influenced by and in turn influencing their adopted home…

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Festivals / Screenings:
Floating Cinema UK 2015
Nitehawk Cinema NYC US 2015
Aspen Art Museum 2014
Official Selection at the Sci-Fi London Film Festival 2013
Official Selection at the Flatpack International Film Festival 2013
Official Selection at the Madeira International Film Festival 2013
ICA London 2013
Hackney Picturehouse 2013
Cambridge Picturehouse 2013
Oxford Picturehouse 2013
Cameo Picturehouse 2013
FACT Liverpool 2013
Manchester Conerhouse 2013
Sheffield Showroom 2013
Arnolfini 2013
Nottingham Broadway 2013
Cinema City Norwich 2013
Dundee Contemporary Arts 2013
Star and Shadow 2013
Chapter Cardiff 2013
Phoenix Leicester 2013
Triskel Cork 2013
GFT 2013
Random Acts (Channel 4) 2013