I am a London based Director of Photography working internationally on feature films, TV series, commercials and music videos.  

I approach each project with a versatile style that best translates the story's unique concept into cinematic moving images.

My feature film credits include the forthcoming 80's sci-fi DARK ENCOUNTER (Dir. Carl Strathie, starring Laura Fraser, Mel Raido, Alice Lowe), space thriller SOLIS (Dir. Carl Strathie, starring Steven Ogg, Alice Lowe) which released in US cinemas following its premiere at the Edinburgh International Film Festival, 60's football comedy THE BROMLEY BOYS (Dir. Steve Kelly, starring Alan Davis, Martine McCutcheon, Jamie Foreman, Brenock O'Connor) which released in UK cinemas and a romantic comedy SEE YOU SOON (Dir. David Mahmoudieh, starring Liam McIntyre, Poppy Drayton, Harvey Keitel) for which I shot additional cinematography, taking over as main unit DP. I also photographed a Blackpills Original Series IMMORTALITY (Dir. Nick Parish). 

Apart from working on long form projects, I also shoot commercials and music videos.

In 2015 I won the 'Best Cinematography Award' at the British Horror Film Festival for my work on THE HERD, a powerful short film with a purpose.

With over a decade of experience as a Cinematographer, managing multicultural and multilingual crews, on both studio and location based shoots across Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia, I am available for projects worldwide.

Awards & Nominations

Winner: Best Cinematography at British Horror Film Festival 2015 / The Herd
Nominated: Best Cinematography at Strasbourg International Film Festival 2009 / Catching The Bus


Nominated: Best Theatrical Campaign at Screen Awards 2018 / The Bromley Boys
Winner: Best Horror Short at London Independent Film Festival 2015 / The Herd 
Winner: Best Short Film at the Festival Boca do Inferno 2015 / The Herd
Winner: Best Short Horror Film at the Celluloid Screams 2015 / The Herd
Winner: Best Horror Short at Sheffield Horror Film Festival 2015 / The Herd
Winner: Best Foreign Short Film at the Russian Annual Horror Film Awards 2015 / The Herd
Winner: Best Short at Sunderland Shorts 2015 / The Herd
Nominated: Best Short at Sitges International Film Festival 2016 / The Herd
Nominated: Grand Jury Award at SxSW Festival 2014 / Sunroof